On the following pages you can browse a selection of our Steinway grand pianos currently for sale.

For a complete listing of all our pianos please see our list of instruments.

More information is also soon to be found at this place in our brochure on instruments. Please be in touch if you have any questions.



For a complete listing of all our pianos please see our list of instruments.

If you are interested in purchasing a Steinway grand from Klangmanufaktur, we would like to invite you to get to know our workshop and our instruments. If you like the quality of our work, we’ll start looking for a suitable grand piano for you and begin our bespoke instrument project. We will then refurbish the instrument according to your ideas – in the end you will receive a just-as-new, customized Steinway. If you like, you can closely follow the development of your Steinway grand piano through regular workshop visits.

Steinway Gussplatte



You may also purchase our Steinway grand pianos as a cultural investment. We rent the instrument on your behalf permanently to artists and concert venues for 4% rent per year, which is passed on to you in full. This offer is designed for private investors, heirs of grand pianos and as a mission investment for foundation capital.

For more information, please see our info sheet (pdf).

Steinway & Sons D-274

Buying & Commission


If you want to sell your Steinway or if you know about a Steinway that is to be sold please contact us. We are always looking for Steinway grands that we can overhaul for musicians and concert venues.

Besides the buying of instruments, we also offer to let your inherited Steinway be overhauled in our workshop for then hiring it out to musicians.


We are always thankful for new clients and are offering you a commission if your recommendation turns into an effective sale / rent. Our current commission fees are:

Selling: 3 % of the purchase price, maximum € 2,000 net

General overhaul: 3 % of the overhaul net value, if order is € 10,000 net minimum

Rental / Investment: € 500 net

Steinway D-274 MuK Lübeck