On the following pages you can browse a selection of our Steinway grand pianos currently for sale.

For a complete listing of all our pianos please see our list of instruments.

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Steinway B-211, no. 51.611, built in 1884
Black, shellac, paintings by H. Mase, London 1885, natural keytops, 85 keys

This Steinway is yet untouched and can be overhauled to your personal preference.

Selling, Buying & Commission


At Klangmanufaktur you will find cautiously overhauled Steinway grand pianos for sale.

Please feel invited to visit our workshop for getting a better understanding of our working methods and to test our instruments.

For a complete listing of all our pianos please see our list of instruments.


We are always looking for Steinway grands that we can overhaul for musicians and concert venues.

If you want to sell your Steinway or if you know about a Steinway that is to be sold please contact us.

Besides the selling of instruments, we also offer to let your inherited Steinway be overhauled in our workshop for then hiring it out to musicians.


We are always thankful for new clients and are offering you a commission if your recommendation turns into an effective sale/rent. Our current commission fees are:

Selling: 3 % of the purchase price, maximum € 2.000 net

General overhauls: 3 % of the overhaul net value, if order is € 10.000 net minimum

Rentals / Investment: € 500 net



We offer you the opportunity to support culture by buying one of our overhauled Steinway grand pianos as an investment. We will then rent out your instrument to musicians or concert venues for 4 % the purchase price per year, while directly passing the whole rent on to you. Through this model, musicians get affordable access to high-quality instruments while the investor gets a guaranteed yield, independent of market fluctuations.

Our concept is designed for private investors, for those who have inherited an instrument, as well as for foundations seeking mission investment.

Please be in touch for more information.

Steinway Gussplatte